• Travels

    Travels are part of our being and feeling. We travel in time, marking a future, designing it, shaping it, adjusting it and adjusting to it. We turn back and seek in the past our references and without them we feel lost. We traveled in the minds of others, envision characters. We travel to places fleeing to seek another essence because our other experiences. We traveled in our seats to describe, to feel, impressions that only the silence of a journey we are able to understand them. We travel to places that have never known, to sleep, to dream building images, mixing cultures, concepts, thoughts.

    In a society where the speed of travel is one step closer to a small screen, pause a moment and collect travels that never made next door. And everything becomes small!

    But when we left we took the mystery, curiosity. On the way back, we bring a wealth of images and recorded experiences that inadvertently reproduce in our daily lives, growing more and more, wanting more and more traveling aimlessly ...

    Writings IV / 2003